At Stockton Grange we inform you of the real situation and the most likely maximum sale price you can expect. We don’t - and won’t - promise an unrealistic sale price just to gain your business.

All Stockton Grange Executives are skilled sales negotiators who will work for your best outcome – they are motivated by your needs rather than their own financial requirements or targets.

Clients respect our Team for their high ethics and honesty. We have a record of selling 95% of our clients homes within our quoted price range.

We sell the positives of your property - not the price, and we will never mislead vendors on expectations because we always present our honest opinion.

Compare this with unrealistic price estimates, where a seller’s home remains ‘in’ the market for far too long, consequently losing buyer interest resulting in increasing pressure from the agent to ‘reduce the price’ below your expectations in order to ‘find’ a buyer.

Our Team are remunerated with a salary and commission structure so they are judged on their abilities and are paid accordingly, unlike most sales agents who are incentivised on pure commission to simply sell houses ‘at any cost’ or they don’t get paid.

In summary, our team is committed to deliver 100% value to their clients and achieve the maximum price for them, all done in a friendly, open, honest and refreshing manner.