Tips to attract buyers and tenants with a spruced-up home!

You do not always need to complete a full renovation to entice interest from either potential tenants or purchasers when listing your property on the market. Luckily, there are quite a few updates you can apply to your home to make a big difference while costing very little time and money on your part.

In this article we will be sharing five simple ideas that don’t require loads of money to help you bring your property back to life and make it appear more desirable on inspection day.

1.      Replace hardware or fixtures - It can be incredible what a new faucet, appliance, and even door handles can do to the overall aesthetic of the property, and the options can be both endless and affordable.

2.      Add a lick of paint - You do not always need to paint the property throughout which can become costly. A statement wall can make a huge difference and add more dimension to a room to make it appear bigger, brighter, and more intriguing to a potential tenant or purchaser.

3.      Fix things that are broken - There’s nothing that says neglect more than broken fixtures and fittings, or damages to a home. Be sure to replace anything that is broken or looking shabby. This is the simplest way to ensure your property maintains its value and/or you get the best value for your property when selling.

4.      Brighten the space - The best inexpensive way to increase light in your home is to open the curtains, clean the windows and let the light in! If the windows are still looking dull and aged after cleaning, a fresh lick of paint will restore and frame the light coming in. Skylights are another inexpensive way to increase the amount of light in your home!

5.      Tidy the exterior - First impressions matter! Lawns and gardens are one of the first things people see and if they are well presented and tidy, this will make the world of difference when showing potential tenants and/or purchasers. A clean lawn with a low maintenance garden bed is ideal and choosing durable plants such as succulents and grass trees is an easy and affordable option.

If you’re thinking of selling OR leasing your property and would like more handy advice and tips like these, contact one of our experienced agents/property managers on 02 9677 1131 or email to [email protected] and our lovely front of house Lorraine will be sure you’re put through to the right person!

Article written by Jennifer Pogmore – Property Manager at Stockton Grange