Autumn is here, and what better way to welcome to cooler weather than preparing your home for those cold nights?

From preparing your outdoor space to deep cleaning the house, there many little jobs to do to get your home in tip-top shape before the arrival of winter.

Here’s 4 handy tips from Stockton Grange to get you ready!

1. Keep in the Heat – If you own your home, pick up a good sealer and go around areas where heat could escape. Look closely at doors and windows. If you’re renting, check over the property and inform your agent if there are any major cracks visible.

2. Manage the moisture – As rain falls harder and the temperature drops, it becomes important to keep the property well ventilated each day. Using certain devices such as an exhaust fan whilst showering and keeping windows open where possible, help minimize moisture and mould.

3. Clean the air filters – If you have an air conditioning system, ensure the air filters are thoroughly cleaned regularly. This hot tip will also keep your family healthier!

4. Clean your gutters – It is important to clear any leaves and dirt from gutters and examine downpipes for damage or loose pieces. If you are a tenant and your gutters are too high, please contact your Property Manager to arrange for a tradesman to attend to this on your behalf.

For more handy tips on how to prepare for the wet season, contact the local award-winning team for agency of the year, Stockton Grange on 02 9677 1131.