Susie Afsun

Chief Operating Officer - Licensee in Charge

About me

At Mount Druitt’s Stockton Grange, Susie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of over 14 years of banking industry & 3 years as Licensee in charge for Real Estate where she is known for her high level of skills in Management, Customer Service, Banking and Lending.
A team player and natural leader, Susie’s role as Chief Operating Officer (COO) allows her to continue her passion for property as well as pass on her knowledge and experience. She is a trusted mentor and coach who takes great pride in helping our team to grow and learn as people and real estate agents.
Susie’s hard-working approach ensures her clients have a greater chance of achieving a First Class Result with her comparing with other agencies. Known for her incredible work ethic and positive attitude is what sets Susie aside from others. A dedicated and focused individual, Susie takes enormous pride in her work and providing First Class Service to her clients. Susie and her team not only survive each obstacle, they thrive on challenge. With a dedicated property management departments servicing residential and commercial and with a dynamic sales team has over 50 years of combined experience, the company represents the interests of property owners throughout Mount Druitt area including surrounding western suburbs and beyond.

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